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    Diverge Dance Academy is a fun, innovative dance company that teaches children aged 5-18 dance in a fun and accessible way. Both our Street Dance classes and Diva Dance Girls classes encompasses a variety of dance styles from jazz to commercial street dance.

    We promote an eclectic form of dance in our dance classes that allow our young dancers to express themselves in a safe and fun environment.


    Our Street Dance classes offers boys and girls aged 5-18 with a fun energetic workout which teaches free-styling, breaking dancing and choreography. Diva Dance Girls focuses on using dance to boost confidence, promote positive self-image and female empowerment of young women aged 8 to 18, all in the form of a dance class. Here at DDA there is something for every student wanting to have fun and dance!


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  • Our Company

    Our Passion

    We simply love dancing, so much so we want to share this experience with you. Our programmes focus on developing our students abilities through a variety of dancing styles. Not only do our students learn different techniques within each style of dance, but they walk away from our classes inspired, full of confidence and excited about what is installed for the weeks ahead.

    Our Vision 

    Training within the dance industry is exciting and most importantly fun. We invision a future were our performers students excel in all aspects of their lives, as we see first hand the positive impact studying within the dance has on them.

    Our Mission

    Here at Diverge Dance Academy we are passionate about the benefits of learning dance. We are committed to ensuring that all that want to study within our field have the opportunity to do so. Our mission is to help all our performers unlock their full potential through training with us.
















  • DDA Street Dance Kids 

    About Street Dance

    From hip hop and break dancing to elements of jazz, contemporary and commercial dance, Street Dance fuses together a diverse variety of dances. This energetic workout is fast, funky, and most importantly fun. Our Street Dance classes are sure to keep your youngsters on their toes!

    Our Street Dance Classes

    Whether you are a seasoned performer, a budding enthusiast or a shy individual that wants to break out of your shell, with our street dance classes there are no limits to your learning and development.


    We create a fun learning environment were our students learn dance in a creative way, not only learning choreography but team building skills. Each term performers play games and learn how to express themselves through dance.




















  • DDA Diva Dance Girls

    " Unleash the true confidence in you". 

    About Diva Dance Girls

    Diva Dance Girls is a fun, fantastic innovative dance class that enables young girls to have high self-esteem, promotes a healthy self image and boosts body confidence, all in the form of a dance class.

    Our Diva Dance Girls Classes

    Our dance classes are for girls aged 8 -18, each class provides a fun energetic workout. Diva Dance encompasses all dance styles from jazz to ballet, and is an eclectic form of dance that allows our students to express themselves in a safe and fun environment. Whether you are a seasoned diva, or a shy individual waiting to break out into their inner diva, with our dance classes there are no limits to your learning and development.



    "80's to Now"

     " Take a journey with us through the ages of Hip Hop and Street Dance. From Krumping, Popping and New Jack Swing. "

    Are you ready for an another amazing term of street dance.


    This term our performers will be going back in time to were Street Dance first began in the Bronx (New York). Learning a selection of Street Dance styles famous for their time, from Krumping to Popping, Break dancing to New Jack Swing, performers will benefit from learning about all these dance styles which will be incorporated in their final dance routine. This term students will take part in our July 2017 showcase.



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    24th APRIL 2017




    Our classes are at the following schools:


    St Matthew’s C of E Primary School (Surbiton)

    Nonsuch Primary School

    Norbury Manor Primary School

    St. Cyprian’s Greek Orthodox Primary Academy



    To find out more information about costings and about how to sign up to our classes at these school's. Simply contact us, and we can advise you on how to book your place.












    We are always looking for fresh new talent to join our business.

    If you would like to join our growing team please contact us by sending your CV and cover letter to:


    We look forward to hearing from you.


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    To find your nearest class or to find out more please contact us on the details below:


    Diverge Dance Academy - Term Time Only

    Office Hours: 10am - 5pm

    Class Hours: 10 am - 7pm



    Email: info@divergedanceacademy.com

    Contact no: 07891458898



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